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Factory default

Под катом - как правильно убить ВСЮ инфу на пальме (factory default). Потырено отсюда

Method One (Tungsten T5 only)

  1. This method works only with a Tungsten T5. It does not work with a Treo 650; for Treo 650, use Method Two, below.
  2. If you've set a password on your device, any hard reset will automatically become a zero out reset. With this method, you'll enter a password and then perform a hard reset.
  3. On your handheld, launch the Prefs application. From the list that appears, under General, select Security.
  4. If the Password box says "Unassigned," tap the box and create a password for your handheld.
  5. With the password set, perform a hard reset:
    1. Hold down the power (on/off) button on your device.
    2. While holding down the power button, turn over your device so that you can see the back of it. Still holding the power button, use an unfolded paper clip or a similar small object, to gently press the RESET hole (where?). Keep holding the power button throughout.
    3. While still holding the power button, the screen will show the Palm logo and a progress bar will appear at the bottom. Then the circular Palm Powered logo will appear. Release the power button when you see the Palm Powered logo.
      palmOne logo screenshot Palm Powered logo screenshot
      Keep holding the power button during this screen. When you see this screen, you can release the power button.
    4. A message will appear warning that you are about to erase all the data stored on your handheld. Press UP.
  6. You may see a screen that says "Reformatting in progress. This may take several minutes." This screen will remain for several minutes (up to 10 minutes). Don't do anything while this is happening.
  7. If you did this reset correctly, the screen of your device will finally go blank after several minutes, and you will not be able to turn on your handheld. The charging LED will not light up. (any other activity — such as the Palm OS logo and then the Applications launcher appearing — means the reset was performed incorrectly; try again)
  8. Your device will appear "dead." To wake up your handheld, perform a soft reset.
  9. If you want your device to remain in factory state, stop here. If you want to restore data to your device, follow the steps for recovering after a hard reset (a zero out reset is a special type of hard reset).

Это для себя - чтоб не забыть. Потому что я еще несколько часов или дней буду разбираться с жЫвотным, пока книжки показывать нормально не начнет. Рррррр
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